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Live a few miles away from the office?

Consider running or biking into work a few times per week. Not only will you burn more calories, but the extra movement could help you be more productive and focused once you start your day, too. Working at a standing desk, taking regular stretch breaks, and getting up to walk around between assignments are also good habits to adopt. Sometimes being able to fit exercise into your busy schedule is just about making a commitment and sticking to it. Block off an hour three or four times per week for exercise, but treat that hour just as you would any other appointment.

Working out with a group of friends also makes it easier to fit exercise into your busy schedule — after all, friends are less likely to bail on one another! Likewise, working out with your special someone can help you keep your workout appointment and grow closer as a couple. Not every workout has to be an hour-long workout session.

Consider shorter, more efficient workouts, like HIIT, Tabata, or circuit training, to break up your training schedule and free up more time during your week. Fitness instructors Sam Downing and Amelia Phillips run through this minute Tabata workout for any fitness level:. But if you have time to laze about on the couch, you also have time to sneak in a few quick moves. Actually, any kind of competition with a deadline will do.

Boost your early morning energy with a cardio blast, or start with some yoga to ease into your day. It can even be something as simple as doing a few second intervals. Stretch for a minute, do jumping jacks for a minute, march in place for a minute, do as many reps of squats as you can fit in for a minute, then finish off with one more minute of jumping jacks. If you have a dog, it can be a great way to slip in some extra exercise.

1. Multitask

Add minutes to their daily walks. You could even get a side-gig as a pet walker if your schedule allows. Buy an exercise video and turn it into a family event. If your duties at home are part of the reason you struggle finding time to work out, make exercising a family event. Buy an exercise video or stream an online workout and have everyone participate together.

6 Simple Exercises to Get Bigger Arms In No Time

Find a dance workout and turn it into a family dance party, or take an interval workout and make it a friendly competition. Invest in home exercise equipment. Exercise equipment for home workouts is available at almost any price point. If you have a bit more to spend, it may be worth getting a treadmill or a weight set. You can even use household objects to make your own workout gear.

5 Easy Home Exercise Tips - How to Work Out at Home When Busy

Even setting out a good pair of running shoes can help remind you to take that walk you keep putting off. Method 2.

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Take a walk during your breaks. For shorter breaks, walk around the building once or twice. During your lunch break, try a longer route.

10 Ways to Sneak In a Workout

If possible, try to get minutes worth of walking in at lunch. Incorporating another person into the routine will keep you motivated. Be sure to bring a comfortable pair of shoes to change into for your walk. Find simple exercises you can do at work in between tasks. Exercises like wall sits, lunges, jumping jacks, and squats can all be done when you have a few extra minutes at your desk. If you have some time in between calls and meetings, do a few reps of a cardio or bodyweight exercise. You can even set goals like doing 5 push-ups in between every email you send. Your back should be straight up against the wall and your knees should be bent at about a degree angle.

Hold this position for seconds. Desk yoga can be particularly helpful if you sit for most of the day, as it encourages you to engage and elongate your muscles. Keep low profile exercise equipment at your desk. From treadmill desks to an inconspicuous set of pedals you can keep under workstation, there are plenty of options for desk workout equipment.

Rows, kickbacks, rotational chops, and more can all be done from your desk.

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Method 3. Add in extra steps wherever you can. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator, parking at the back end of the parking lot, and running your shopping cart back up to the store entrance all add extra steps to your normal routine. Look for places where you can add extra steps because they all add up. As you start to see how much you normally walk, you can start to set goals to do a little more every day. Become a bike commuter. If your commute will allow it, try riding your bike or walking instead of driving.