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On 11 th August the students of L. They were very excited to see their photographs on the train. They folded the paper to make the fish with the help of the teacher. Later on, they added fins, tail and eyes to it. On the 10 th of August the students of L. They were very happy while doing the activity. It was really fun for them. Swan Activity Math. On 1 st August, the children of L. G crumbled the news paper and pasted that in the form of a Swan.

PodSquad Activity Box - Math Flash Card

Then they pasted the cotton on it. Later they pasted shreds of wool to give the effect of water. Class 4 A1. Role Play provides an opportunity to the students to express themselves as well as to articulate their thoughts. Role Play is a great way to learn various life skills like decision making, problem solving, creative thinking and teamwork.

The class was divided into five groups. Each group came up with impressive ideas and thought provoking messages. The face masks and the flashcards prepared by the students were the added attraction. In the process, they also learned about the importance of trees and plants in our lives. It was an entertaining and enriching session.

Three Golden Words. On 3 rd August , the children of L. G did tearing and pasting in the bold cut-outs of Thank you, Sorry and Please in different colours. The children enjoyed doing this activity and at the same time they learned the use of these golden words.

They enjoyed preparing finger puppets of mother and father by paper folding and using the cut outs.

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Brushing the teeth. On 28 th July , the L. G students enjoyed the activity of brushing the teeth and also learnt the importance of cleaning the teeth twice a day. The children were also demonstrated the right way of brushing the teeth. They colored the cut out of a bird and added wings to it by paper folding. Class Activity 3A. Report on Endangered Animals. A group activity was conducted in class 3A. They enthusiastically presented a detailed report, telling about the appearance, eating habits, habitat and interesting facts about various endangered species like Blue Whale, Platypus, Dodo and Liger etc.

The activity was an enriching experience for the students. It not only enhanced their knowledge about endangered animals, but also developed their presentation and speaking skills.

Personalised Cards | Photo Upload Cards | Greeting Cards | Moonpig

The children worked in groups and created charts for the same. A true spirit of team work and effort reflected in this activity. The end product of the activity by each was judged by the other groups and marked on the basis of- presentation, information and team work. The activity was great fun for them. Ice —cream party. They learnt the use of tongue i.

The children enjoyed the ice-cream party and had fun. It was really a great fun for them. On 20 th July the L. They had fun in the class and made a small card as well to put it in the envelope.

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On 18 th July the L. They enjoyed the story as well as the activity. On The letters were posted later. The visit ended with a nice photo session with the Post Master and the Postman. At the End they gave sweets to the children. Little scientists. Research on scientists was concluded successfully by the students of class 6 A on The students were divided into small groups. Basically the learners researched about their childhood, inspiration and achievements. Each team presented their scientist. The group presenting Archimedes and Faraday even presented small skits to prove their point to the audience.

This improved their creative skills. It was a very informative week for the learners where they got to understand the importance of Science, Math and English.

They also drew conclusions about the change that all these great scientists have brought in our lives. A very big salute to all the scientists who worked day in and day out just to bring a change in our lives. The children were taught how to make a cake using these things. They decorated the card with stars, mirrors, and bindis on it. The creativity of the children could be seen on the cards. The children did finger printing in the model of a cone on 4 th May.

The children had brought pink colour tissue paper which they crumbled and pasted it on the cone. Circle activity. The children had brought bangles, bindis, stars; buttons to do the activity of circle shape on 21 st April. The children pasted them on the strips to make a hanging.

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Little Master Chefs. The class was transformed in to Master Chef Kitchen and the students got hands on experience of making dishes without fire. There was a wide range of sandwiches to dishes made with biscuits. One of the students made veg kathi roll. Some students made drinks like lemonade and spicy paani puri drink. A few students even made sweeteners like choco fruit punch and milkmaid yoghurt. The most interesting part was the plating of their dishes as well as the catchy names of the dishes like Biscuite au Chocolat, Monacco crunch, Sandwicheto, Dreamy Delight, Biscuit Tower and many other.

Later a session of recipe writing was taken up. The vocabulary related to cooking was provided to all the learners beforehand. Dear Mommies, Please note - Now your children are independent in terms of feeding themselves in times of need. To clear the concept of day and night the L. They were very excited while pasting stars.

The children brought various fruits, vegetables and made salad in the classroom. The objective of the activity was to understand the importance of protective food in our diet and to inculcate the habit of healthy eating food. The Topic — Means of communications was reinforced in class 4B with the help of the Postcard Writing activity. Later the post cards were posted. Parts of Speech. Class 5 A was divided into 8 groups.