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Welcome to the Zombie Ranch. Zombie Ranch is a comic about Ranching Zombies. Issue 1 collects the first 23 pages of the webcomic, representing the entirety of our first story arc, and including a foreword and afterword from Clint.

The Special Edition is a signed copy of the same, plus several extra goodies as detailed in the store. Regardless of your preferences, thanks for your support! So what's 'My Take' on this first issue? Considering I've already read and blogged about the earlier Preview Comic? The striking use of the reddish and white colors make the main character jump out at you when first seeing it. The casual browser will get immediately that it is a 'ranch', with a cowgirl, and the arm hanging out of the wagon is just a 'touch' of what is in store for the reader! Plus it is good to know that this concept started off as a 'webcomic' Splash Page: I said in the above that this concept was first presented as a 'webcomic'.

Which is why there is a lack of a 'true' splash page in this presentation. Okay, I'll go along with that The style of the art is one that I like for this genre of story being told. As frequent readers of this blog know by now However, this concept is tasteful, and with the artwork and coloring is actually a more than just interesting 'read'. That's because 'Susannah Zane', the main character is 'fleshed out' in this storyline.

Excuse the pun! You see, Susannah is a rancher. Only thing is, as said in the concept pages: "Her stock isn't technically 'live'! I'll let you read more on this for yourself, by giving you the links to the web site for the webcomic and also to where to order this publication in a bit.

At the end of the storyline, there is an 'afterword' from Clint, which kind of sums it up for now. Ebooks and Manuals

Which is good that it was printed there. The inside back cover was the usual Ka-Blam advertisement page, which the printer takes as being the POD publisher. A fair enough trade IMO. The back cover had all of the right ingredients to help the casual browser make up their mind to at least thumb through the pages if seeing this at their LCBS. First of all, I was pleased to see this concept blossom into a hard copy 'floppy' format of comic book. I had missed the earlier conception of the webcomic, and only found this via the 'preview comic' stage at the 1st LBCC in I'm glad that Clint and Dawn have gone through to hard copy full fledged 'floppy' comic book format.

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Even though Tina and myself have now bought a 'Droid', and both have 'played' with the iPad, I know that I personally am a 'tactile' reader. It takes a firm belief in your creation to go to this new level. Leaving my own somewhat influenced thoughts aside for a moment, after seeing both creators a couple of times in person now, it's time to give this hard copy format of 'Zombie Ranch' 1 a 'comic book grade'. That's pretty darn good for a first issue!

So in the meantime, where can YOU pick up a copy? Here's what I have been told. If YOU can't wait that long, and really you shouldn't A few songs do stick in ones head and some readers have gleaned a new spell from its pages. Mostly, it's a common birthday present for any grandchild whose going to grow up to be "grandma's favourite wizard".

Alerio Findelkir was a student at Ulcaster School for many decades before it was destroyed by Calishite mages. His book, "Interplanar Vortices and Their Interactions with Magical Forces: a Thesis in Three Parts," was originally intended to be a simple thesis on how portals to other planes can affect the flow of magic in the surrounding area.

From the creators

However, after spending so long researching the subject, Alerio became obsessed with detailing the minutiae of the magical energies, and the project slowly became his life's work. This book's three parts are as follows: A small section describing the creation of these portals, a larger section on why they cause minor disturbances in nearby magic, and a long, convoluted dissertation on the minor shifts in magical energy caused by the merging of planes. An epic dwarven poem that originated in oral tradition, passed down through the centuries until it was finally transcribed by a runesmith named Storvi Stonequill.

It tells in ponderous, long-winded verse the story of the dwarven citadel Vokhor, which was destroyed by elves near the end of the creation wars. It is a tragic and haunting tale of brave dwarf soldiers led to ruin by a weak king's folly. This is a book of practical tips for avoiding contact with adventuring parties. From the best techniques for diving into a bale of hay, to making your house or shop look less interesting, this guide aims to aid common folk in the inevitable event they find themselves in proximity to one of the many dangerous companies of adventurers.

Of particular note is a section dealing with identifying and disposing of arcane artifacts and how to locate a village least likely to be the site of demonic horrors.

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An ambitious compendium over courtship, romance, companionships and procreation, of a frankly somewhat disconcerting scope. It includes historical records, mythological innuendos, interview transcripts, peer-reviewed user testings and more, compounding and analyzing all data within and between the different races, cultures and social ranks of the known world. In the 30 pages long foreword, the author reminds any potential interested parties that he welcomes any and all discourse, by letter or appointment.

Tied together with the book is its companion book, which further explores the topic of securing potential aid from a third party, such as demonic pacts, a mind-bending Old One or a "Winged Man". It also includes the leaflet "Survival Guide to Succubi" used as a bookmark. This four part set of novelas is written more for the lurid imaginations of the common folk who wish to indulge in a bit of extra-planar fantasy. Depended on the area, it is easily discovered under young men's beds or at a local printer's shop.

Though considered trash by most scholars and writers, it has been pointed out that many of the 'facts' about succubi and their habits are rather correct. A short and cynical treatise on using trying times to turn the common people to one's will.

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The subjects are divided down into though, action, and outcome, sometimes summarized with bullet points. The writer is long dead, having been victim to a coup d'etat organized along the book's lines. Existing copies are often found as a hand-copied sheaf of notes on the table of a would-be dictator, but libraries which specialize in social studies or collecting as many writings as possible are certain to have at least one copy.

Epthwitch Royal University. Penned by Du'Hallae in his th year, this is a hefty leather bound and rather plain looking tome. Du'Hallae is a world renowned linguist, being fluent in over 20 languages, and conversational in many more.

This book contains basic information on almost every language known to Du'Hallae but it's main focus is Common. Du'Hallae covers the many dialects of the common tongue, how they came into being and their relationship with other languages in their region of development. Including loan words, language change over time and mutual intelligibility.

While a horribly dry read, working their way through this tome may assist readers in grasping a finer command of languages. As well as gaining some pointers in deciphering texts of unknown languages. Written in Small Village of your world. It can be found in many libraries as it is among the most common for general handyman work, such as crafting and repairing wagons, chairs, furniture, sewing seeds and farming, how to build a basic irrigation system, things of that nature. Allen Taylor was thought to have been a man who created or invented many of the systems and methods used in common day workings, though whether or not these statements are true, he "swears on me mum" it's true.

Herein lies the most confusing conundrums and perplexing pieces of odd and mismatched information from here to the nine hells.

Those who wish to gain a greater understanding of all things that cannot be understood, need not look elsewhere for this is the book since they're already found it. From confusing scripture scrawled on old moisture sodden tablets, unusual and cryptic runes from a forgotten age, or to the location of that other sock that you swore you washed last night, but when you went to put on your fresh socks this morning it was gone.

There is nothing to obtuse or convoluted too study. Spending at least 40 hours over the next 7 days reading this, you may or may not understand the world better and might perhaps become smarter. A collection of games and songs for children that teach them about the dangers of the outside world and why they should fear it. It contains such classics as "Rock, paper, goblin", "Tick, tac, terrasque", "Little red riding hood and the big bad warg" as well as 30 completely original games and songs. Written in an exceedingly dry style, this massive tome describes everything known about the heraldry of the elven Ildan Empire, from the death of the Bright King Uldaril to the destruction of the empire during The Reckoning.

The tome is a veritable gold mine for anyone interested in the Ildan Empire, but even among professional sages, few are willing to dig through the pages upon pages of the dry heraldic research to dig out the gold nuggets of information within.